After renovation effected between 2007 and 2009, Stadium Metalist became totally accessible to people with physical limitations or disabilities. The paved stadium territory is level and therefore free of stairs, thus enabling the above-mentioned persons to move everywhere unhindered. Local fans with physical limitations immediately appreciated this newly-gained accessibility: for over two years they watch every game. The stadium administration, employees and workers have come to regard this fact as a positive and welcome change.

Entrance to the stadium

Divided into sectors, the stadium is accessible via revolving doors (or turnstiles). Having a ticket marked Sector 12, one enters only through the revolving door (or turnstile) at the entrance to Sector 12; therefore it is advisable to learn in advance what stand corresponds to the sector indicated on your ticket and what route you should take to feel comfortable.

Stadium scheme

The Southern Stand (sectors 30—44) corresponds to the Main Entrance; the Western Stand (sectors 1—9) entrance is in Vlasovski Lane; the Northern Stand (sectors 10—20) entrance is in Khramovaya St. and the Eastern Stand (sectors 22—29) is in Plekhanovskaya St.

As wheelchair users would not be able to negotiate the standard Stadium Metalist revolving doors (or turnstiles), the Eastern Stand has an entrance designed for people with physical limitations or disabilities and provided with a specially constructed turnstile.

Parking one’s car

Special seats at the stands

For people with physical limitations or disabilities, Stadium Metalist has 104 seats located in sectors 21—22 , 1—9. Called Row Zero, these seats actually are just spacious platforms provided with standard ramps and fenced for safety with steel handrails that do not hamper one’s view of the game. There are 4 such platforms at Stadium Metalist (2 in the Eastern and 2 in the Western Stand), each of them can accommodate up to 20 wheelchair users.

The same platforms have folding seats for people with locomotion problems; these seats can be used also by voluntary assistants accompanying people with physical limitations or disabilities.


Specially designed spacious lavatories with wide doors and toilet seat handrails can be found at the Eastern and Western Stand (3 lavatories each).

Stadium infrastructure

First-aid medical unit, accessible to people with physical limitations or disabilities is located at the Western Stand in Sector One.

Football equipment and symbols shop can be found at the 1st floor of a separate building at the North-Eastern part of the stadium, but it remains inaccessible to the people with locomotion limitations.

Food and drinks are on sale at special stalls on an elevated platform. Unaccompanied wheelchair users would face there access problems.

People with hearing problems can watch football games from any seat, but sign language assistance is not available. Special purpose visual information displays are absent.

People with insufficient vision will find audio description services absent.